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We are pleased to announce that the 81 Squadron Scrapbook/History is now available.

As the title suggests it is, in our opinion, a comprehensive Scrapbook/ History of the Squadron, on which, we, or our family members served.

As the title implies, it is a collection of personal stories, running to 160 pages

of A4, told in some cases by the participants, while other tales are drawn from newspaper cuttings, and include numerous photographs covering many years.

It has been compiled, and edited by Alun (Taff) Williams, assisted by Alec

Audley, both served on 81 Squadron Taff between 1957-1959 and  Alec 1958-1961.

Copies are available from the 81 Squadron Association Secretary Geoff


Please make payment of 15 plus 2, P & P, UK only,

(Overseas postage on application), to -

81 Squadron Association.

The compilers are interested in hearing from other ex 81 members, or their

families to make the Scrapbook/History even more comprehensive.

Alun Williams

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