Aircraft Serial Nos.

The following aircraft serial numbers, by types, have been recorded.

(a) Sopwith F.1 Camel: B-7301

(b) Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin: C-8002; E-4764; F-7029; F-7076; F-7085;

F-7086; F-7091; J-1; J-2; J-13; J-15; J-16; J-30; J-4767;

(c) SE.5a; B-5333; B-5338; E-5747; E-5755;

(d) Hawker Hart

(e) Miles Magister

(f) Tiger Moth; H-6747; N-6799; N-6801; N-6802; N-6803; N-6946; N-6847; N-9155; N-9156; N-9157;

N-9158; N-9159;

(g) Cierva c.40; L-7590

(h) Hawker Hurricane IIb; Z-3746; Z-3768; FK-49; Z-4006; FV-54; Z-4010; Z-4017; Z-4018; FK-41;

Z-5122; Z-5157; Z-5203; Z-5207; Z-5208; Z-5209; Z-5227; FE-53; Z-5228; Z-5252;

Z-5349; Z-5527; BD-697; BD-792; BD-822; BD-825; (Z-3977,FN-55, doubtful)

(j) Supermarine Spitfire Va

(k) Supermarine Spitfire Vb/Ve: AB-143; FL-R; AB-144; FL-W; AR-398; FL-T; BL-811; FL-Y; BL-817; FL-G; BM-158; FL-Y; BM-277; FL-L; BM-299; FL-Y; BM-369;

FL-O; BM-378; FL-J; BM-382; FL-N; BM-410; FL-N; BM-423; FL-B; BM-448; FL-?; BM-461; FL-A; BM-467; FL-T; BM-473; FL-G;

(l) Supermarine Spitfire V (Trop):

(m) Supermarine Spitfire IX: BS-511; FL-Y; EN-120; FL-P; EN-130; FL-T; EN-136; FL-O ; EN-188 ; FL-s ; EN-141 ; FL-W ; EN-190 ; FL-X ; EN-191 ; FL-Y ; EN-193 ; FL-R ; EN-203 ; FL-O ; EN-204 ; FL-X ; EN-240 ; P ? (C.O.s aircraft) ; EN-244 ; FL-N ; EN-254 ; FL-U ; EN-289 ; FL-R ;

(n) Supermarine Spitfire VIII : JF-688 ; FL-J ; JG-608 ; (These aircraft had red spinners)

(o) Republic Thunderbolt FB.II; HD-185; FL-D;

(p) de Havilland MosquitoPR.34: PF-620; PF-621; PF-622; PF-624; PF-652; PF-653; PF-655; PF-659;

PF-668; PF-669; PF-672; PF-673; PF- 676; PF-677; RG-177; RG-178; RG-189; RG-190; RG-205;

RG-211; RG-230; RG-235; RG-238; RG-239; RG-254; RG-255; RG-258; RG-262; RG-264; RG-268;

RG-287; RG-299; RG-308; RG-310; RG-314; RG-317; VL-614; VL-615; VL-622; VP-354;

(q) Supermarine SpitfireFT.18: TP-208; TP-223; TP-275; TP-407;

(r) de Havilland Mosquito Mk. 3 Trainer: RR-306; VA-888; VP-354; TW- 110;

(s) Supermarine Spitfire PR.19 : PN-574 ; PS-836 ; PS-888 ; PS-890 ;

(t) Avro Anson C. 19 : VL-290 ; VL-334 ;

(u) North American Havard: FX-496;

(v) Gloster Meteor PR. 10: VS-971; VS-980; VS-987; VS-970; VW-377; WB-159; WB-163;

WB-165; WB-166; WH-209;

(w) Gloster Meteor T. Mk. 7: WA-681; Wg-976 WH-119; WH-209;

(x) Hunting Percival Pembroke C (PR) 1: WV-354; WV. 355; WV-751; WV-754; WV-755;

XF-796; XF-797; XF-798; XF-799;

(y) English Electric Canberra Pr. 7 : WH-777 ; WH-778 ; WH-780 ; WH-791 ; WH-795 ;

WH-797; WJ-822;

(z) English Electric Canberra T.4: WH-651; WD-963;